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La Rochelle


Introspection. Release. Awakening


Truth, Heaven, Success and Health are all already in your mind.

We guide you to find out.


Why meditate?

Our meditation is more than a meditation derelaxation  or relaxation.  We offer a method that will allow you to change your perspective and fully detach yourself andlasting way of your attachments, stress and conditionings by eliminating them forever.

It is a meditation that clears the mind and expands the consciousness in order to discover your true self.

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Our method

Through a simple technique, you will learn to find your true nature. 

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Who are we ?

Our meditation guides have years of experience helping others and are ready to provide the support you need on your journey.

Online and on-site meditation

Individual flexible program

Personalized follow-up

Sessions 7 days a week

Group meditations 

Stop Repressing - Start Throwing

Anxiety, stress, fears, worries, negativity, annoyance, inferiority, anger,  enemy, irritation, intimidation, guilt, attachments, envy, jealousy,  ignorance, obsession, greed, desires, selfishness, conceptions, pride, habits,   indecision, laziness, fear of the gaze of others, judgment, desire to be recognized, loneliness, impatience, spirit of comparison...

Throw away the thousands of thoughts that affect your life!

We need to get rid of those negative thoughts that condition us.

When we do this, it is possible to live in the real world; this is how we can know true happiness.

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Méditations  guidées


Méditations collectives
et individuelles


Stages et formations

Vous serez guidé en individuel ou en collectives, en ligne ou sur place par différents intervenants tout au long de votre parcours.

Les méditations individuelles ?C'est quand vous voulez et sur réservation!Les méditations collectives?Il y en a plus de 15  en ligne par semaine!👍Et sur place? 

Etes-vous prêt à vous dépasser ?Aimez-vous les challenges?Oui? Alors les journées intensives ou les stages sont là pour vous! 💪

If sand settles in cloudy water, the water looks clear at the moment, but if you shake it, it becomes dirty again.

The same thing happens with the mind. It gets really clean when you remove all the dirt.

Just as the barrel must be empty to hold fresh, clean water, throwing it all in can help you find your true self, your true nature.

Meditation: A Path to Your True Self 

If you sign up for Meditation La Rochelle, you are taking a ticket to the most beautiful and important of all destinations: your true self.

Meditation allows the mind to become more open and tolerant. When we have an open and big mind, we can accept others and live in harmony. We can see unity in everything. When you become the very unit, you can really help those around you, others, the world.






Our guided meditation practice empowers people to cleanse and clear their minds of pain and stress so they can live each day with freshness and clarity.

After meditation, your behavior and actions change, the more you purify, the more free you become. You can find true inner peace, and you can learn to live without conflict with true wisdom.   You really can make a fresh start and live with a clean, new and fresh mind.

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Ready for the next step? Sign up for a free discovery session!

Whether you want to eliminate stress or anxiety, increase your focus, have better relationships, improve your health or become more  wise, the answer is within you.

Our meditation center operates online 7 days a week, is physically open 5 days a week.  

Take the next step towards enlightenment and a deeper level of consciousness.   Our experienced and caring meditation guides will help you step by step with our concrete and effective method that cleanses the mind. You will receive one-on-one personalized guidance and support so that you become confident in your practice before joining our guided group classes.

Your happiness and your health are our priority.

  •  Comment vider son esprit ?

  •  Quel est le sens de la vie ?

  •  Comment avoir de la gratitude?

  •  Qui suis-je ?

  •  Comment trouver son vrai moi?

  •  Comment atteindre l'éveil ?

  •  Comment aller au paradis ?

  •  Comment être dans le moment présent?

  •  Comment bien se concentrer?

  •  Comment arrêter les pensées obsessionnelles ?

  •  Comment être positif?

  •  Comment trouver la paix intérieure ?

  •  Comment éliminer le stress?

  • Comment se défaire des mauvaises habitudes ?

  •  Comment se libérer de l'anxiété?

  •  Comment surmonter la culpabilité et les regrets ?

  •  Comment être attirant pour tout le monde

  •  Quel est le but de la vie ?

  •  Comment contrôler et maîtriser vos émotions ?

  •  Comment communiquer avec les gens ?

All the answers to these questions are within you 

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If you change your thoughts 

You will change your actions 

If you change your actions

You will change your habits , 

If you change your ways, you will change your destiny

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