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Our method

NOTour method

Meditation …

... defines the human mind as an accumulation of images, stored in our body and mind. 

 These images are accumulated since birth and recorded through the five senses.

So our mind and body are like a camera.

These images that have never been evacuated condition us and lead us to act with repetitive, unconscious and often negative behaviors.

These behaviors do not reflect who we really are.

These images stored in the mind hold emotions, thoughts, attachments topeople, places and things.

It is this world of images in which each

individual lives.

This world of images is illusory.



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how to make this illusory world disappear and live well? 

Our simple and guided step-by-step  method will get you there.

It is created as a seven-step program; each level is simply a different technique designed to expand your consciousness to the mind of the universe.

Anyone can easily follow her from 8 year old kid to 80 year old grandma!!!

This method involves throwingkarma

(which is our life lived from birth)habits inherited from our ancestors(the unconscious and the subconscious) andthe body .

In no time you will come to know that the true spirit is within you.

  This is awakening!

Maybe you have heard of this phrase before or maybe even believed it, but somehow you tried to find out the Truth from outside. Or you wanted to find it inside yourself, but you didn't know how.

The reason you cannot find the Truth or live in the real world is because you live in the world of your spirit, which overlays the world. The human spirit world is made up of the body, customs inherited from ancestors, and karma, which is life lived. You can see and find the truth inside the mind when you clear all those karmas, habits and bodies.

We have the method to clean them.


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VSow to Meditate?


01 reflect on yourself
Recall the thoughts and images of life that you remember in your mind.

Free these images
Realize where all your stress and burdens come from and increase your self-awareness.

02 Clean your mind
As you become aware of your habits and attachments, your perspective broadens.

See and cast from the perspective of the Universe using the guided technique.


​03 Discover the truth within you 

​En training your brain to confirm that the illusion is not real, you will begin to realize that Truth exists within you.

Continue to confirm this existence to come out of your mental world and live in the real happiness and the real world that is within you.

People live their lives according to what they have in mind.

So, if you have negative thoughts because of negative karma, you are living in a negative world. But if you get rid of the spirit world - body, habits and karma - and find the truth  that is within you, then because you have the truth, you live in the real world which is heaven.

Your stress comes from your mental world that you have accumulated throughout life.

Want to get rid of it and go to the real world?

  Do it from your mind! And it is now!

You want to go now don't you? 

All your questions and curiosity will be solved from there wisely. You can achieve what you want because your mind becomes the truth and lives in the real world.

The way to go to the real world which is heaven is our method of meditation.

The answer is inside! We help you find it!

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